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To all our yogis, teachers, friends, family and supporters…

It is a sad day for us as we are being asked to close the studio as of Monday, April 2, 2012.  Our wonderful Pop Up studio has finally come to an end as our landlord is moving back in to transform our space into a 2 bedroom flat.  We knew from the beginning that our space was temporary but over the last year it became more permanent (through the landlords allowance of more time)  and we truly feel blessed to have built such a wonderful community of students and teachers.

We would like to thank you all for joining us at Pop Up to practice and to teach with us over the past year and a half.  It has been a pleasure to be a part of your journey and to provide a warm, peaceful and open place for you to explore your potential.  Yoga is an amazing and transformative practice and I hope you will continue on your journey of self discovery even in our absence.

With that said, we hope to not be gone for too long.  I am currently actively searching for a new venue so will keep you updated on our progress!

“Change is not something we should fear.  Rather, it is something that we should welcome.  For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be”.




* Though we are closing in April – Class passes (4class & 6 class) will be available to purchase up until Monday, the 27th of February.  All passes still expire a month from date of purchase.

** Please note that you must book in for all early morning Pop Up classes (7:15am Tuesdays/Thursdays).  Book in by sending an email to the day prior up until 10:00pm.


Entire month of March – all previously scheduled Ashtanga classes (Wednesdays @ 6:15pm) will be canceled.

• Entire month of March – all previously scheduled Thursday evening Hatha classes (6:15pm) will be canceled.

• Tuesday 20th March & 27th March 12noon Vinyasa Flow – canceled

• Wednesday 21st March 7:30pm Hatha Class – canceled

• Thursday 22nd March 12noon Hatha – canceled


Sunday, 11th March & Sunday 25th March  2:00 – 2:45pm – Play Way Dad & Baby with Alissa Tosswill

• Saturday, 24th March 4:00 – 7:00pm – Gentle Breathing Programme with Gurmit Kaur

• Sunday, 25th March 3:30 – 5:30pm – INTRODUCTION TO SRI (SOMATO RESPIRATORY INTEGRATION) with Matthew Anello

(Click on the timetable below to enlarge)

General Class Prices are as follows:
Drop-in: £10
4-Class Pass: £36                                                                                                                                   6-Class Pass: £48                                                                                                                                   monthly unlimited: £75
*All Class Passes expire one month from purchase                                                      One-on-One sessions available upon request

Student Discount – Drop-in:£9                                                                                                                                                                4-Class Pass: £32                                                                                                                          6-Class Pass: £40                                                                                                                             monthly unlimited: £70

There is lots to choose from, hope to see you soon!
If you have any feedback on the timetable, for example if you desperately want another class at another time or longer classes, let us know!

27 Responses to Classes & Prices

  1. lucie georgeson says:

    I’d like to come and start doing yoga. Can I just turn up? Where exactly on Upper Street are you? Thanks. Lucie.

  2. Louise says:

    Love the idea, the look, the feel!
    If you rock up to a class, do we need to bring our own mats and ‘blocks?!’

    • Hi Louise!
      Thanks for your question – you don’t need to bring anything except your lovely self. We have all the mats and blocks etc. in the studio for your use. Just wear something comfortable for bending and stretching (eg. gym wear) and pop in! Love Kerry & Wendy

  3. sheila says:

    Hi, can you please tell us something about your yoga backgrounds/qualifications?
    Regards, Sheila

    • Hi Sheila,
      Thanks for your question! We are in the process of writing our ‘about’ page with profiles, so your Q gives us a well-needed prompt! We have both been practicing yoga for about 10 years and teaching for one… though not always together! We met on the teacher training course at Triyoga, one of Europe’s leading yoga centres. The course is British Wheel of Yoga accredited. We teach general Hatha Yoga, with a focus on principles of alignment and the breath to create strength, softness and a sense of mind-body wellbeing. Our styles have subtle differences (more on this when we get to write that ‘about’ page!) but we both hope to convey our love of yoga and to help students discover the benefits of yoga for themselves. Hope that helps! Kerry & Wendy

  4. Lise says:

    I’m really interested in your classes but I was wondering if you are doing any students discount?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lise.

      Unfortunately we do not have student discounts at this time. We do have class pass deals (£36/4 classes & £48/6 classes) which reduce the rate of the drop-in (£10) cost and do not expire. If you want we can also put you on our mailing list for upcoming offers through the holidays. Be on the lookout for some promos to come! We hope to see you soon.

      Wendy & Kerry

  5. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for your query! There will still be places in the 6.30pm Thursday. It’s a drop-in class, so no need to book. The 6.30 class is a General Hatha class – it’s perfect for beginners. You are very welcome! The classes aren’t on a cycle (like Iyengar Yoga?), so you can begin any time! Each class is different! You pay for the class (or a class pass) when you arrive. For info, we don’t have facilities to process cards, so it’s cash only. Passes are valid for any of the classes on the timetable (except **guest teachers, who have their own arrangements).

    Hope that answers your questions and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday!
    Best wishes,
    Kerry & Wendy

  6. Hi Kerry & Wendy,
    Could you please let me know what age group the Play Yoga Baby classes are aimed at? I would love to bring my daughter (22 months in February). Thanks, Deborah

    • Hi Deborah.
      We are very excited to have Alissa teaching three new mom & baby classes (Play Yoga Baby, Grow Massage Baby and Play Yoga Pregnancy)
      here at Pop Up Yoga in February (exact start date w/o Feb. 14th)!! The Play Yoga Baby classes are for children that are 6 weeks of age to crawling.
      You can find out more information directly on Alissa’s website at…

      Let us know if you have any further questions! Please spread the word, we are really looking forward to meeting all the mums and babes in the Islington area!

      Light and love, Wendy

  7. tasha says:


    Will there be any weekend beginner courses starting soon?

    Thank you

    • Hi Tasha.

      We have no beginners courses scheduled as of yet but they are in development. We hope to offer one by the end of the month or starting in March…so stay tuned! Thanks for your question.

      Light and love,

  8. Alicia Ferradas says:

    Hi there! I am about to finish my BWY diploma course and I am interested in teaching a beginners course starting maybe in May, Is it possible to have a meeting with you to discuss this? The place seems lovely! I taught a beginners course in RRRC (seven sisters) and privately for almost two years, but I had a break to have my baby (she’s now 6 months!). I have experience and some people interested in coming to my classes.

    Warm regards


    • Hi Alicia.

      It would be great to meet up and chat about your interest in running a beginners course at Pop Up Yoga. Why don’t you send me an email at and let me know what days and time of day usually suits you and we can plan something. That would be great. Congrats on your new baby!! Look forward to hearing from you.

      Light and love,

  9. Helen says:

    Hi – I am keen on coming along to an evening class. Which of your mid-week evening classes would you recommend for a beginner?


    • Hi Helen.

      I would recommend that if you are a true beginner to start off with the Hatha yoga classes. We have a Monday, Wednesday and Friday night class for you to choose from. All classes are suitable for beginners. Hope to see you soon.

      Light and love,

  10. Alicia Ferradas says:

    Hi lovely Wendy, I will be bringing the poster for the beginners course in a couple of days! Flyers to come, before I go away!

    I hope you are enjoying the amazing spring. See you soon!


  11. raffaella says:

    Hi, could you tell me which are the least busy times for classes? And what happens if more than 12 people show up: do you turn them away or squeeze them in? Thanks!

    • Hi Raffaella.

      The least busy times to attend class would be first thing in the morning…for some reason people don’t like getting up at 7:00 in the morning to practice yoga before work, wonder why ;)!! Next least busy would be the lunch time classes. Our busiest classes are the 7:30pm classes Monday through Wednesday evenings. We have not had to turn anyone away as of yet! Classes are busy but there always seems to be one or two spots available for late comers. We have room for up to 15 practitioners at a time so will make room for one or two more if needed.

      Hope this helps answer your questions and we hope to see you soon at the studio! Light and love, Wendy

  12. Mona says:

    Hi, I want to go to one of your beginner classes (probably the Hatha one is best judging from what you have told another person). Am I able to just rock up or do you require participants to book in advance?


    • Hi Mona!

      No need to book in advance…just pop on in for any of our Hatha classes. And yes, you are right that as a beginner I would recommend that you join us for a Hatha class to begin your yoga journey. All classes will focus on the use of the breath and key alignment points within the asanas (postures). The pace of the class is different with every teacher but we all bring our own love and creativity to the hatha practice.

      Hope to see you soon.

      light and love, Wendy

  13. Elena says:

    Hello!I would like to start yoga classes. I am a student, shall I take your amazing fall offer? Would be lovely. Thank you!

    • Hi Elena.
      Yes you should absolutely join us at the studio and take advantage of our super fall offer! Beginners are certainly welcome. Just drop in 10 minutes before class to fill out a new student form and get settled. The only classes on our timetable that are not a part of the offer are the grey squares, or “guest teachers”. You would pay them directly for their classes if you wanted to attend them.

      light and love,

  14. Hi Magda! I am sorry that the Saturday 2.45 classes are canceled but our normal cover (Chloe) is not available, nor is anyone else during the run up to the holidays. We hope you will join us for our other Hatha classes that are on offer throughout the week at the moment. Chloe is a great teacher isn’t she?! Glad you enjoyed her classes. She will be back with us in the New Year for some other cover classes. Also, please note that the 2.45 class will be back on in the New Year!

    light and love, Wendy

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